IPHONE CASES ON SOCIETY6—Check out the many iPhone cases that are in my Society6 shop!
US AND THEM ZINE NOW OUT!—The limited edition zine Us and Them by Society6 is now out. My illustration The Oath, is also featured in this limited run of 100 copies. Some of the talented artists are: Lora Zombie, Matt Scobey, Tom Hovey, Vanessa Dakinsky, Victor Beuren,  Dominik Kruger, Carl Floyd Medley III, Muxxi, Nicholas Lockyer,  Cucacolor, and many more. There aren’t many left so pick up your copy soon!
STARGAZING IS LIKE TIME TRAVEL—There’s a new print in my shop! If you like the universe as much as I do, I’m sure you’ll like this one. The idea for this print came from a page in my book The Universe. Enjoy!
THE OATH—My newest piece The Oath, was created for the Society6 zine collaboration Us and Them. I really hope it gets printed!
DEER REVISITED—I have a new print in m shops! Deer Revisited is a new version of my original illustration, Deer. You can check out the print on both Etsy and Society6. 
BIRDS & FLOWERS—Here is my newest illustration Birds & Flowers. I have just completed a laptop case with this illustration all over it! It will be up for sale by tomorrow. Meanwhile, if you are interested in purchasing the print, it is available in my Etsy shop and Society6.
WAYNE—11.25” x 16.25”Pencil, ink, oil paint, gouache and gold leafon paper—From the very first time I heard Embryonic, I knew that one day I would draw Wayne Coyne. Embryonic is such a colorful and fluid album that I had to step out of my comfort zone and add a little more color than I usually would. I must say that the experience was a good one and you will probably see some more color in my future pieces. Not to say that I forgot about black and white :)Buy Wayne as a print ::Society6Etsy
GREENWOOD & YORKESociety6 & Etsy ―This is an illustration that was completed for a couple of years now. I realized that this one might be a nice addition to my shops. Also, this is probably the most time I ever spent on an illustration (80 hours!). Hope you all enjoy :)
THE COSMIC WANDERERS―From The Universe series, I bring you my newest print The Cosmic Wanderers. This print is available in both of my shops, Society6 and Etsy.
FARIS ON SOCIETY6—You can now buy Faris as a print from my Society6 shop!
ATHENA ON SOCIETY6—Athena, the Goddess of warfare, strength and wisdom. You can now purchase this piece as a print on Society6!
THE SHOES ON SOCIETY6—My latest print The Shoes is now available on Society6